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The goals of our organization are to provide assistance, support, and educational opportunities to our members in their effort to zealously represent clients, and to protect individual rights under the U.S Constitution and Texas law. Our further goal is to operate as a unified voice for Collin County Criminal Defense lawyers, and to advocate for our membership policy goals in the overall administration of the Collin county justice system.

Finally, we seek to educate the public about the criminal justice system and the importance of a vigorous and independent criminal defense bar.  
Kyle Therrian
3CDLA President

Wandering minds associated with aging cells: Attentional state linked to length of telomeres.-added by Pam Lakatos

Scientific studies have suggested that a wandering mind indicates unhappiness, whereas a mind that is present in the moment indicates well-being. Now, a preliminary study suggests a possible link between mind wandering and aging, by looking at a biological measure of longevity.